Thank you for your interest in Land Phil Global Trust in Wales
We are passionate about developing our Welsh economy in a sustainable way

Creating business that protects our land, and our communities’ health and well‑being.

Developing apprenticeships in industries that sustain our people and our natural resources.

Introducing learning programs that explain how we can create an economy that does not compromise the health and well‑being of our future generations or our communities and our beautiful land.
Projects that Land Phil is supporting VIEW

We can do a lot without money but we can’t do everything, so we are helping to raise funds for some of the best projects!

Projects that re-use our land and buildings in a sustainable way, creating facilities and jobs.

Projects that use intelligent technologies to solve modern day problems without harming the environment.

Organisations that work at a grassroots level to ensure that there is a fair share of wealth of resources which meets our aims and objectives:

‘on common ground, for common good,
towards growing a sustainable common wealth’

Land Phil is currently supporting:

Crumlin Navigation
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Llanelli and Mynydd Mawr Railway
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Land Phil Learning Materials
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Land Phil Interactive Website & Learning Resources
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About us
Wales has been slow to recover from the loss of the coal industry in 1984/85.

A quarter of the Welsh population was affected by the loss of this industry!

Land Phil is a philosopher of the land and his aim is to show the great things that we can achieve by treating our environment wisely and responsibly. He is an old miner and although he would never like to return to the hardships of working underground and the toll it took on miners, he will always stand as testament to those hard-working men and boys and the communities they served.

Land Phil saw how the people of the mining communities organised themselves and helped one another and his mission is to show that the fiery essence of these people remains in the valley communities today, waiting to be reignited. The lamp on Land Phil’s helmet is no ordinary lamp - it will project his thoughts and memories, hopes and aspirations and shine a light on Wales’ past, present and future.

Our values and principles

The Land Phil Global Trust will make a significant contribution to the development of the Welsh economy at a grass-roots level by building a ‘commonwealth’. By this we mean that we will deliver sustainable development in a way that creates greater equality. We will achieve this by increasing resource availability to all levels of society i.e. funding, finance, knowledge, democracy, access to goods and services, jobs, skills, apprenticeships, energy, food, training and supply chains.

The Land Phil Global Trust will work to the values of the Welsh Government’s Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015:

We work to a Sustainable Development Principles which means we act in a manner which seeks to ensure that the needs of the present are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


Land Phil is registered as a company limited by guarantee (company number 09238049) with charitable and co-operative ways of working.

The company has a voluntary Board of Trustees with a wide and diverse range of skills and experiences.

Land Phil Global Trust in Wales Ltd
(Company No: 09238049)

Registered office address:
Maritime Offices Woodland Terrace, Maesycoed, Pontypridd, Mid Glamorgan, CF37 1DZ

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